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Wednesday, July 15

On Horcruxes

From last night's party... err, movie.


Dress and headband, Anthropologie; sandals, Steve Madden.

Did anyone else go to the midnight showing of Harry Potter last night?

One perk of not having a regular 9-5 adult job? I can go out late on school nights. In college I went to midnight showings frequently (along with probably half of my school). I forgot how insanely packed these things get!

I was coming from work earlier and didn't think it would fly if I came in a cape or costume. I opted for owl print and sparkles. This is another fun addition to my headband collection. Love it.


  1. beautiful dress and love your gladiator sandal!!!

  2. I saw HP in Seoul, and it was definitely not as exciting as I thought it would be. It was supposed to be an iMax screen but it wasn't any larger than any other typical movie screen, plus the couple in front of me kept whispering until I leaned down and actually told them to shut up. Eventually, I'm going to go to one of these screenings pretending that I have on an invisibility cloak.

  3. Love that headband on you! And Jinah if you are in the ATL on Thursday night (July 30) you should definitely meet up with us at The Clermont (sounds skeevy- but it isn't- we'll have a blog post up about it tomorrow).

  4. Love this look on you. I'm loving the headband on you, so cute. The gladiators are adorable too :)



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