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Wednesday, July 8

I know it's been slow...

I'm aware that the blog has barely been chugging along this summer. Even my little sister complained that I wasn't posting enough -- "I'm bored, go update your blog!"

This is my sad closet at the moment.

Well for one, I am low on fashions. Rather, I've only unpacked one box of clothes (haha out of maybe 7) since moving home and have been wearing pretty much the same few things each week in addition to things I left in my closet from high school. The only things I've unpacked are go-to dresses -- I have no idea where most of my pants and skirts are. In fact, I'm starting to wonder if I could put a whole outfit together lately. I'm getting completely accustomed to wearing no-brainer dresses. I hope this is acceptable attire for business school!

I will say I have been splashing out every now and then for new accessories. I have a few more headbands and scarves and bags to disguise the fact that I am wearing the same things to work all the time.

This burger was totally larger than life. I had instant heartburn.

Piedmont Park at the end of the Peachtree Road Race.

Also I've been doing awesome summery things. With school starting in August and having more days off than I anticipated this summer, all I want to do now is get sun and eat tons! I was worried that living in the suburbs would kill my social calendar, but I've been to plenty of picnics, concerts, and barbecues. Love it.

I'm finally getting that garage sale together for this Saturday (pending approval from the neighborhood association) to liquidate a bunch of my things in preparation for moving. I just signed the lease on an amazing house in town and will be close to so many of my favorite things and people. It's beautiful, I have enough deck space to hang my new hammock, and I can get to Jac and Jake's on foot.

Hopefully by the first week of August we'll be on a regular posting schedule for real!



  1. I'm the same way -- in the summer, all I want to do is throw on a dress and go. It's as if having on more than one clothing item is just too much! Love the pink room, BTW!

  2. That burger looks yummy! And I love doing summery things too! Good luck with the garage sale.

  3. love the peek at your current closet rack -- it's always so interesting for me to see others' clothes :) you may be low on them, but they all seem super cute! what is that white one with the tiered skirt? i saw one like that from anthro and fell in love, but they sold out of it immediately and i couldn't get a SKU to get them to do a store search...i still keep dreaming about it :)


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