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Monday, July 13

Love Quotes scarves

othx Shopbop <3

Secret weapon accessories -these my favorite kind. I love anything that you can casually throw on with any old outfit and it somehow makes it jazzy.

Love Quotes scarves are super jazzy. Yes they are just solid cotton/linen scarves, but they are lush and chunky and complement your eyes and your outfit and your handbag.

Good old Shopbop pulls through yet again (Geez, how do they know exactly what I want?). I was tempted to clean them out when I got this e-mail last night. There are a bunch of good colors left! Free shipping and over 30% off a selection of these feel good scarves.

One of my lady friends has the Dahlia colored one (top left) and it is beautiful in person. I managed to squander my garage sale earnings on two. As my sister says when we are in any center of consumerism, "You gotta love that recession."

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  1. New Love Quotes scarfs for Fall available now. As one of the very few "house accounts" of Love Quotes (which means we deal directly with the designer, not through a showroom) we have the hottest colors first! And free shipping worldwide never hurts: Here is the direct link Love Quotes scarves at


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