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Tuesday, August 23

Vintage Days: Mod Squad dress

August 23 2011 2
As a hoarder of things and also a seller of things, can I just say how hard it is to give things up, regardless of how many other of the same thing you already have? Case in point: this dress. Sure I have enough dresses to fill even the largest closet, but there's just something about that kicky pleated skirt and the chelsea collar that make me want to snatch this back and say, "MINE MINE MINE."

If there are no takers this time around, I think I'll finally alter this to fit me and let it stay in my closet as its forever home. She didn't get a second glance at the Athens sale, so there's hope for that!

Approximately a size small/medium, will fit sizes 4-8 depending on your body shape. Priced at $58. I'm willing to negotiate on most items, but this one I'll put up a fight for.

For those of you I won't see on Saturday, don't forget to enter the giveaway! There's prizes for out of towners too!

August 23 2011 5

August 23 2011 1

August 23 2011 4

August 23 2011 3
Outfit details:
This post is part of a Vintage miniseries leading up to my participation in VAMP. A little more fun than my everyday outfit posts, but this is more about playing dress-up since I did not wear these in my IRL OOTD. So you vintage mavens, don't worry, I didn't wear this around all day in the sweltering heat before offering it to you! Just for the photoshoot :)

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