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Wednesday, August 24

Vintage Days: Sweet Sixteen blouse

August 24 2011 1
I know I've discussed my dilemma of not having anything to wear before on the blog. Okay, it's not that I'm ever without anything to wear, it's more that I am a crazy person and only am excited to buy bright colors (that never match each other) and prints (that never seem to match the aforementioned bright colored things). My shopping resolution for several months has been to incorporate more basics and tame colors that go with everything.

Enter this blouse. I'm just a sucker for a prim collar. And gosh, the pearl buttons and little bow tie at the neck really make it adorable as all heck. This one's gonna be another one that's hard to let go of.

For interested parties, this top is by Rio Blouse from the 80's (80s does 50s/60s steez) and is a size XS/S. I'd be more keen on keeping it for myself if I wasn't trying not to pop buttons open in these photos! Not for the even slightly busty, I suppose. Sigh, such is vintage treasure hunting. Not everything is always the perfect fit. Oh, and priced at $28.

For those of you I won't see on Saturday, don't forget to enter the giveaway! There's prizes for out of towners too!

August 24 2011 2

August 24 2011 3

August 24 2011 4
Outfit details:
This post is part of a Vintage miniseries leading up to my participation in VAMP. A little more fun than my everyday outfit posts, but this is more about playing dress-up since I did not wear these in my IRL OOTD. So you vintage mavens, don't worry, I didn't wear this around all day in the sweltering heat before offering it to you! Just for the photoshoot :)

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