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Wednesday, September 28

Knitting up a Storm!

Of course, as usual, I grossly underestimated how much of my time would be allocated to school once classes were in full swing. That and my growing list of personal hobbies and projects were enough to keep me away from blogging for a minute. As much as I seem to whine about it, I love the challenge of layering in new friends, activities, or obsessions to occupy my time. It's the adjustment period I don't like quite as much.

Well, I picked up a ton of knitting supplies back in June, right off the heels of the summer ICE Atlanta show. I finally finished all my prototypes in time to apply for the holiday show in November! I've always wanted to participate in this craft show, and I finally got off my butt this year and made some products so that I could apply.

Looked what just came! A huge box of my gave yarn. Here I come @iceatlanta!!
This is my favorite yarn to work with. Twinkle's Soft Chunky.
Thanks Fabulous Yarns for the speedy shipping!

For now, I'm listing items as I complete them on Etsy, as a sub-brand under the Bunny Day shop name. I chose the name "Beaux Cous" (pronounced the same as "beaucoup") because it means "pretty necks" in French, and all of the items I am making are neck warmers and neck adornments. And gee, I sure do love a good play on words!

Yes, that last one is a fox! I'm making calico cats and bunnies too!
I'm hoping to sell these goodies and more in November!

As a long-time spectator, first time crafter (well, for profit, anyway!) at this event, I was nervous about having to shell out the fees and create enough stock to fill my own booth. Luckily, my most excellent crafty friend Jordan of Fattycakes Handmade was generous enough to split a space with me!

So add that layer, plus school starting back up, plus this rad internship I just started, and the adjustment period seems to just keep spreading itself out over an increasingly extended length of time. My free minutes are spent in a flurry of knitting while plowing through my Netflix queue. As the panic over having enough stock subsides (I work in a store, so more always seems like more!), I fully intend to get back to a reasonable amount of blogging.

And for those of you curious about selling at local fairs and shows, I'll make sure to recap what I've learned from selling vintage as well as what I'm figuring out now.

*Sorry kittens! The little foxie is not for sale. However, the pattern is available here, and you can find the designer's other amazing patterns here.

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