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Friday, September 30

The New Girl

September 29 2011 3
So as I mentioned earlier this week, I started a new gig as an intern. It's in an office environment, which I can't really say I have much experience dressing for! In fact, I got rid of most of my business attire when I finished my undergrad degree and realized I wasn't pursuing an engineering position.

And so I'm embarrassed to admit that getting dressed was a bit of a challenge for the week! At the boutique, we have a very loose dress code, and it's very laid back. So hemlines can be shorter, I can wear jeans every single day, and a crop top or off the shoulder tee are fine for any day of the week.

September 29 2011 2
But I can't help but want to feel more polished in a professional setting. And what says Office Girl more than a pencil skirt? Luckily the unspoken dress code at the office is fairly casual too. Just not quite crop top and harem pants casual. One part pencil skirt, another part quirky print, and a little bit of whimsy with the heart pocket made this feel all me. 

It's going to be interesting incorporating all of these pieces I purchased during my heaviest phase of Anthroholism, using the excuse that I was planning to wear them "to my big girl job."

September 29 2011 4

September 29 2011 1
And ready to make repeat appearances on the blog, here comes Miss Rosie. Look at this little sneaky stinker! It's almost like she hears a shutter snap and sprints into the frame.

September 29 2011 5
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Helo! I love your style! You have very
    beautiful pics! I will follow you:)

    Big hug & kiss:)

  2. You look fabulous - I love your outfit! And I am very very jealous of your Stable Skirt.


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