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Tuesday, October 25

It's About Time...

One more thing I love about October: it's my birthday.

So there is ice cream cake, a relegated me-day, and usually a birthday dress negotiated into the mix; it's all icing on the cake with the changing seasons, costumes, and bulk candy I so enjoy. Of course Anthropologie didn't disappoint this year. I had my fingers crossed all month for this little envelope.

anthro card 1
The anthro program has never failed to make me feel special.

anthro card 2
So cute! It's like a golden ticket to your favorite store.

anthro card 3
I squealed in glee when I pulled the band off!

How cute is this?! It's a little watch bracelet with the hands pointing to "me time" and of course a sweet 15% off a purchase. They get me.

Okay now I'm back off to knitting! It's the final countdown to ICE Atlanta!! 

*text blurred to deter the sneaky, and to avoid pissing off the elves that send me these goodies!


  1. I just love their birthday promos! Hope you have a wonderful birthday month!

  2. Happy Birthday Jinah!

  3. Happy birthday month - I hope you score loads of goodies at Anthro!


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