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Saturday, October 29

Halloween Atl and Knitting Marathon: the Saga Continues

A box stuffed to the brim with yarn just arrived! Ready to be made into giant snoods and cowls mmm.
My last batch of yarn arrived a few weeks ago! I'm starting to feel like a production line. I've been ignoring my social calendar and forfeiting 8 hours of sleep to make scarfy goodness around the clock.

Seriously, I feel like my life is being invaded by yarn...

All these balls of yarn are very quickly turning into these: piles of ruffles, infinity scarves, and giant cowls. I went a little crazy when shopping for supplies: every one is a different color. No two are alike.

My favorite is this super soft infinity scarf: the loop de loop. I'll be selling this version at ICE Atlanta for $38. Those that are averse to wool-acrylic blends, I have some yummy tweedy all wool versions too.

And uhh, how ready am I to get my costume on this weekend? For you locals without set plans, I will be at the Modern Masquerade at the High Museum. DJ'd by Kathleen Hanna. (!!!) Uhh, teenage dreams come true, thank you.

If the riot grrl reference isn't enough to whet your appetite, maybe the art will be. The current exhibition "Picasso to Warhol" features several incredible pieces on loan from the MoMA (one of my favorite places in the world). Here's a taste from an event I attended earlier this month:

Soup line.

Occasional art snob.
Have a Happy Halloween! I'll be back to share my special alter ego costume later this weekend.


  1. What's your etsy site? I love your cowls! 

  2. i'm dying to buy a cowl from you! when will you be putting new ones up on etsy? can you email me

  3. I really do envy you for having the patience to knit!  I really love what you're making, and especially love the mustard infinity scarf


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