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Thursday, April 17

I love... Savvy Circle

While I'm still loyal to kaboodle for my online wishlist needs, I've started using Savvy Circle recently and loving it!

It works the same way as other wishlist sites - you can even download the browser plugin so you can add things even more quickly! The difference is that the site e-mails you when/if an item on your list goes on sale. If you're too busy to constantly check all your shopping sites, it's perfect. The only downside is that it doesn't support every single site, the way other wishlist sites do. But who cares if you can get that top you want half off?

Two recent scores I got include this blouse:

Peter Rabbit blouse, anthropologie, $49.95 from $88.00

Mai Ogi minidress, anthropologie, $79.95 from $158.00

Who doesn't love an email in their inbox telling them some beautiful thing they've been drooling over is now at your price point?

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