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Thursday, April 17

Vacation all I ever wanted...

So I went on an impromptu beach trip this past week. This means sun, sand, beach hair, and outlet shopping. There was a Saks outlet at the local mall there, so I checked it out- only to find that literally half of the women's department was stocked with Lilly Pulitzer garb. I forgot that I was vacationing in retirement central. Oh well.

Though I did make note of a really cute mom out with this adorable green cardigan with a felt flower brooch that matched a few weeks ago. I saw it at the Off 5th.

Actually really cute, no? Comes in five colors.

$198, Lilly Pulitzer Paley Rosette Cardigan

And a little further digging brought up the following:

(shop these at

Is it just me or are these sundresses supercute? Or maybe I'm a little more Palm Beach than I thought. Either way, I'm anxious for warmer temperatures.

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