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Tuesday, September 29

Ready for Fall


Tank, American Apparel; cardigan, J. Crew; skirt, fei at Anthropologie;
boots, Target; necklace, lenora dame; bag vintage.

I finally had the chance to take care of my really persistent roots. And maybe it's just me, but when I dye my hair, I feel like all of a sudden my color palette is slightly altered. "My" colors are different for clothes and makeup and it's really baffling.

To welcome the sudden brisk autumn weather, I pulled out some boots and worked up from there. I think this is my new color palette.

I got some positive feedback from the big rig drivers I passed on I-20 on the way back into town as well as from my lady friend Brit who even went so far as saying that this is her fave Jinah outfit ever. Thanks sweet lady!

Oh and this little bag (I know I have an overwhelming surplus of bags) is from Zoe's in Forest Park where everything was bananas.


  1. Nooooo, summer needs to come baaaaackkkk!! Cute baggg.

  2. stop being so cute! also because of you i want a maya and a rolling hills skirt in my wardrobe, like right now!


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