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Monday, May 16

Photo fun: Diana Mini

Unfortunately, I've been endlessly delayed at the Charlotte airport en route to my grand French adventure. This means, lucky for you--an impromptu post!

So I briefly updated you guys on my photographic endeavors (as in, I took one refresher course). Inspired by the additional knowledge, I finally purchased another lens for my DSLR for the trip.

Diana roll 1_4

Because I was feeling extra artsy fartsy, I decided I needed a little film camera to take with me as well. And to be totally honest, I've been itching to add a lomo to my collection of cameras. And as it happens, the local Urban Outfitters is always equipped with a decent selection, usually with a handful on sale.

Diana roll 1_3
markus and big kitty being good sports as i continuously
flash my giant paparazzi flash into their faces.

I found a Diana MINI (Alice in Wonderland edition!) among all of the random home markdowns and decided it needed to come home with me. These are all from a test roll I shot last week. I thought I would feel more pretentious, but really the camera itself is so precious that my obnoxious paparazzi shots come off more as cute.

Diana roll 1_2
color flash + king of pops lemon ricotta pop

Diana roll 1_1
big kitty, always pouting

Diana roll 1_5

Diana roll 1_6
the flash/film/whatever did this weird business where 
in full darkness it turned our hair grey!

Diana roll 1_7
alicia, being a good sport @ empire state south

I wasn't particularly adventurous on this roll, but I'm really excited to see the results from the City of Lights!


  1. It's so much fun! Besides the parts where it seems excessively fragile...

  2. Such cute cat Jinah...=D 

  3. I hope you get to Paris without many further delays! Safe travels! 

  4. How fun! I need to get a move on with learning to use my Diana, too!

  5. It's so much fun! Besides the parts where it seems excessively fragile...


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