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Thursday, October 2

Fabric! Finally!


I have been struggling with my curtain making project for a few reasons. First, I couldn't find a crucial piece of my sewing machine. Okay, well it's still missing, but I'm sure it can be replaced for cheap now. Then there was the fruitless search for fabric. Hundreds of gorgeous, suitable prints were available in varying price ranges. I looked everywhere from the designer warehouses, to Ikea, to all the sites I could dig up online.

I did the math, I measured the windows, I calculated the fabric needed, and it became even more ridiculous. The windows I am working with are huge and wider than most bolts of fabric. This means that I would need almost 12 yards and each panel would have a seam down the middle. A simple little project quickly turned into a $100+ project that would turn out less than great.

So I considered some plan B's: using fabric shower curtains as panels (too short), using flat king-size sheets as panels (too expensive, still), giving up and buying the $50 for two solid color panels at Ikea. But I held out.

Today at Urban Outfitters, I came across their selection of tapestries. (The one on Ponce. The one at Lenox no longer carries the full range of housewares.) They were on special. They had a reasonable selection of colors and prints. They were big enough pieces of fabric for the weird windows. They meant that my window treatments became a less than $50 project again. Rejoice.

I chose this damask print with little forest critters throughout. These are $10 off right now. Phew, project back on. Another update when I replace the thing that holds the spool on the machine.

Oh and I got this sweet little tree branch hook at the Container Store.

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