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Sunday, October 5

It's Fall, I said so

Despite the fact that most people around are still able to wear sundresses and sandals and feel just fine, I am freakishly cold natured and am regularly wearing boots and wool. Luckily I work indoors where I can ignore the fact that it is over 80 outside.



This is my favorite go-to throw on and start the day dress. Today I woke unnaturally early (maybe it has to do with the sunlight?), and made a run to the pet store. I knew if I went early I wouldn't be sucked in by the precious babies up for adoption later in the day.

Today's outfit survived a full day at work, peoplewatching outside the club, and puppy pee.

Dress, Zara; belt, Anthropologie; boots, Chadwick's.

ETA: I feel like I get a lot of questions about the boots when I wear them. Women gasp and ask how much they cost and where they come from. A lot of my clients asked me today where to pick up a pair for their daughters. To which I reply, they are cheap overstock $14 shoes. Then I tell them to try Steve Madden.

I abuse these and am surprised they have held up considering they are probably made of paper. They have survived torrential downpours, tramps through mud and manure, salt and snow, and venue floors covered in all sorts of yummy things. To say - sure it's not fair (to the guys) that women's fashion can come so cheap, but most of it doesn't last. These are some kind of fluke.

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