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Friday, October 17

Fashiony things

Cath and Lar of Asian Cajuns invited me to a fashiony event earlier this week, and I made it my business to go. It was super fun and swanky as hell - if you feel like witnessing the level of swank in person, go to Whiskey Park in the W hotel Midtown.



Interestingly, and well I guess, logically, all the stylish people I know in the city were present. This includes boutique owners, the ATL glitterati, and independent music makers. Everyone was in frocks and looked sharp.

Cath and Lar were precious in person! They were fantastic in the show, too. Check out their blog for better and more detailed photos. We giggled and took group photos.

Basically the cutest ever.

I decided to dress to the nines. Really, when do you get to dress up so much?


Dress, Anthropologie; purple velvet jacket, J. Crew; necklace, Anthropologie; sandals, Chie Mihara.

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  1. I'm sooooo glad that you were able to make it to the event. It was about time we met in person! Definitely have to organize an ATL fashion blogger get together soon :)!


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