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Friday, October 24

Oh it's this guy

I'm wearing this cardigan again. So far, three of my coworkers have threatened to snatch it off my body while wearing. I find this shocking and hilarious.

We were supposed to dress to the nines today. Instead I ended up breaking a bunch of rules. I dare you, fashion police, to come find me. I could use a laugh midday.



I also think this is the first post that includes two pets. Meet the pets. Aren't they darling?

Dress, H&M; sweater, Plenty by Tracy Reese; boots, Frye; over the knee socks, J. Crew.


  1. It is an amazing sweater -- I would wear it all the time, too...

  2. Your sweater is fab! I love it! I just found your blog by the way and really like it! :o)

  3. A. I found you... and B. I absolutely LOVE this outfit the end!


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