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Thursday, September 9

Alexa Chung for Madewell: It's Finally Here!!

Alexa Chung is definitely one of my style icons, and when I heard that one of my very favorite stores would be featuring her designs this fall, I knew it was the perfect match. Now that the time is finally here, I'm more excited than ever! All of the pieces are laidback and scream effortless style. The only problem I have now is deciding what I will actually pick up...

The collection actually launched online earlier today. Night owl that I am, I caught it sometime around midnight. But I couldn't decide (too many choices!), and by the time I got home from work this evening with an itemized shopping list, all of my favorites had flown off the website.

Luckily, the brick and mortar stores will be rolling out the collection this Saturday, September 11th. I plan to get there bright and early so I won't miss out a second time! Here are my picks from the collection with a few Madewell goodies thrown in the mix.

Clockwise, from top left:
  1. The Aberdeen two-tone oxford, $178. I'm extremely pleased with my Madewell shoe purchase from this summer. The quality and styling of these oxfords is just as impeccable, and they are the perfect match with preppy knee socks for this collection and fall in general.
  2. Sketchbook tee in Hello Bat print, $48. This is the thing to buy from this collection, if anything at all. Madewell's tees are expertly cut and fit to flatter. The cute patootie print is just icing on the cake.
  3. Tennessee velvet dress, $168. And this is the dress from the collection. I love how it is girly without being too frou frou. I can't wait to wear this to class on chilly nights, and on casual evening strolls as my own take on the LBD.
  4. Reverie crest pins, prices vary. This is such a charming infusion of military and prep school! I just want them all. Check your local store for these perfect little additions to your new Alexa/Madewell blazer. Or try Alison's e-commerce shop.
  5. Betty tea dress, $188. This dress is the piece that felt the most me in this collection. I love the vintage vibe and flirty flip of the skirt.
  6. Christian skinny jeans in pebble wash, $115. After seeing the everstylish Erin of calivintage romp around in her perfectly cut high waisted skinny jeans this summer, I wanted a pair to call my own. My Madewell jeans are easily my favorite and most flattering, so I can't wait to snap these up.
  7. Annie blouse, $128. This is such a simple and sophisticated blouse. I think it can pull double duty from the office with a sweeping trouser pant to drinks with a pair of jeans.


  1. I want the hello bat or makeup girl shirt...I doubt they will exist by the time I have money. sad bears :(

  2. Mary--The bat shirt is backordered, which makes me think they will restock in order to continue selling the collection through the holiday season... I saved up all of my etsy/ebay/bonanzle earnings from last month to get a few of these things! Eek! Let me know if I can pick anything up for you if you change your mind.

  3. Hi Jinah! I posted about the same thing today! After seeing quite a few tings disappear from my shopping cart, I finally got a few things, including the Betty Tea Dress! I've never tried anything from Madewell so I'm glad to hear you think they're great quality. I can only HOPE to make it to a B&M store to try on the Christian jeans.

    xx Vivian @

  4. i just snapped up a few pieces yesterday - and as a result did my fall shopping a bit earlier than i anticipated! the collection is really cute and pretty well made :) the betty tea dress is lovely in person.

  5. What did you end up getting, Jinah?!!! I can't wait to see! I actually prefer your still to Alexa's (love her's two, but my legs can't do tights and shorts like her's- dang her). I can't wait to see how you incorporate her Madewell stuff into your own outfits!

  6. I ordered the Annie blouse. So excited!

  7. Of course I love this line. I'm desperate to get my hands on one of those silk blouses, but not until they go on sale :).

  8. Hi!  Can you tell me if those Madewell oxfords are true to size?? 


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