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Monday, September 20

A Cool Palette




Outfit details:
BDG Shawl Collar Cardigan (similar here and here)
H&M silk blend tank (similar here and here)
Alexander Wang Rocco baby duffle
J. Crew Carrington chain bracelet (similar here and here)
Madewell the Wooden Wedge (similar here and here)
I'm happy to see the easy effortless chic that was so popular in the 70's  has come back into play. Between A.P.C. and Chloe's classic color palettes, and the wave of camel coat features in this month's glossies, I had plenty of inspiration to translate the feeling into a modern day look.

I think the ice cream colored hues worked best with brown sandals, but I added the bracelet and bag so the result wasn't too saccharine.

Bonus points for those of you that noticed: yes, I picked up the "splurge" piece after buying the value version of my bracelet. After a particularly good month between Etsy and my closet shop, can you blame me?


  1. um. love that bag. totally love that bag and how the light colors contrast with it! fabulosity!


  2. OMG I think those glasses are adorable!


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