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Tuesday, September 21

Out For a Stroll




Outfit details: 
Anthropologie Jacqueline Dress (similar here and here)
Anthro Looping Lanes belt (similar here and here)

I've mentioned before on the blog that I have the tendencies of a First Class Hoarder. It's been slow coming, I've been breaking out of this mode of consumerism one step at a time. This requires more shopping cart editing and closet cleanouts than I would prefer, but progress means more closet space and a bigger vacation fund.

One quirk I've noticed about myself and from observing other "maximalists" on various documentary shows is that I like to hold onto things just in case one day I will maybe need it.  Sometimes this results in multiples of the same item, mostly in different colors, in case the first one wears out or gets lost or damaged. This dress (which is finally seeing the light of day) somehow fell into that category.

The yellow version has been out and about several times, but for some reason, even though navy is one of my favorite colors to wear, this dress still had the tags on it this morning. I stood in front of my closet for a long time today, knowing it was stuffed to the brim but feeling like I had nothing to wear. Finally I drew a deep breath, and grabbed this frock and decided today was the day. Today was the day I forget about just in case and worry about right now.

I'm glad I did--it suits me perfectly! Phew, now to move onto the yet other unworn dresses lurking in the secret back of the closet hidey hole. Just in case I have a ball to attend, just in case I have a cocktail party to run to, just in case I throw a tea party--I'm looking at you.

And breaking away from this serious talk, here is my favorite outtake from today. Some wacky things turn out from my self-timer sessions, but this felt like a magic moment. I wish my hair was flippy uppy all the time!



  1. You look great - I love the dress paired with the mint cardigan. I'll totally have to try that with my navy Jacqueline! I can't believe you had the dress for a year w/out wearing it, when it looks so great on you!

  2. You look so sweet and I love your hair, the banges are adorable!


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