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Saturday, September 4

Gearin' Up for Fall + Book Fest

Labor Day is just on the other side of this weekend, and that means the end of summer, beginning of autumn, and the highly anticipated Decatur Book Festival! And so with the holiday weekend rushing upon us, we've been working like Christmas elves at Squash Blossom stocking the store with lots of awesome new goodies.

I'm especially drooling over this Ayala Bar necklace. It's so intricate, and I feel like I can conquer the world in it.


And since I believe you can never have enough Frye boots, I'm already plotting my next boot purchase. I love all of the colors and finishes on this trio. Now only to pare it down...


All of the new fall pieces from Free People have been blowing my mind, and more than ever, I'm oh-so-excited for the seasons to change. Feeling extra inspired by the September Free People catalog, my girls Jules, Santi, and I styled our favorite pieces from the Squash Blossom racks.

I love how the looks from the same set of clothes can fit so many occasions and personalities. We have something to dress an Ice Princess, Desert Storm Barbie, a Winter Elf, and your inner rockstar. I feel like I've been slacking on my personal outfit documentation, but really it's just fallen to the wayside of dressing up as someone new each day.




My weeks are still jam-packed, but I've almost got the groove of my new fall schedule. I feel like I haven't blogged in ages due to constant Important and Urgent Tasks. I think another week of classes (and, whoop, Monday off!) will do the trick.

Until then, I'll be playing dress-up at work. Come see me if you need your fashion fix this weekend, we have an epic selection right now! Or if holiday weekend sale shopping isn't quite your speed, the book fest has something to offer for every bookworm.

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  1. Those boots and that necklace are SO nice!! I've been plotting my next boot purchase too, maybe a nice pair of lace-ups!


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