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Thursday, September 23

Meeting the Sart


Last Friday, my little blogger world was rocked. The creator and photographer of my first and still most important blogging inspiration, the Sartorialist himself, came to the deep South. The Hagedorn Foundation Gallery is currently hosting an exhibit featuring Scott's work, and he and Garance both came down for the grand opening last week.

I was absolutely giddy at the chance to meet my two favorite streetstyle photographers and arranged my entire week leading up to the event. Lauren (one half of the Asian Cajuns!) was equally excited, and we decided to make an evening of it.

DSC_0012 copy
(photo by Zoie Johnson, SCAD Atlanta)
Lauren's wearing: 
Secondhand Carmen Marc Valvo skirt (so gorg!)
Gifted boho leather bag
Really rad platform sandals (I know you can't see, but trust me)

I'm wearing: 
Ann Demeulemeester sandals (from Gilt)
Alexander Wang baby Rocco duffle

I know I spent an inordinate amount of time getting ready, but I was blown away by how many beautiful and stylish people we met during the course of the evening! Everyone was dressed to the nines, and all of the lads were dressed no less than dapper.

We had a blast mingling with the super friendly crowd. Everyone was just as geeked out as we were, and it felt like we were at a big Atlanta fashion club meeting. Which, if everyone at the event would come, I think we should totally start!

And despite the look on his face, Scott was incredibly gracious and approachable in person. He and Garance both took the time to chat with us and everyone else in the unrelenting crowd.


So what about it, Atlanta fashionable ladies and gents? I had so much fun with you, can we make this a regular thing?


  1. Ah, so envious! My BF met Scott when he was in Tokyo. If Garance had been there too I would have hopped on a plane to Japan too to join them :)

  2. Jinah -

    It was SO nice to meet you the other night! I'm looking back at these pictures and I love your shoes by the way...and cute idea for photo of the book! I always like finding another good blog/blogger, so I'm going to have to play around on your site a little more. So far, I'm sold! Bonjour, it's Jinah...precious! Hope to hear from you as well.


  3. ps I'm drooling over the leopard lace dress!

  4. How exciting! I am totally jealous!

  5. What an exciting evening. You and your friend Lauren both look gorgeous. I noticed that you are wearing the Deuxhill Cowlneck, an item I have been lusting and wondering after for awhile. Does it run large as some have commented or have you found the fit true to size?


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