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Tuesday, September 7

Bonjour September!




Outfit details:
Mur/Monoreno tunic top (from work--similar here and here)
Forever 21 knit leggings ($4.50! I have a drawerful of these)
Amanda Gary bag (avail. at Squash Blossom and Mooncake)
Dolce Vita for Target Buckle Boots
Yesterday's holiday has me a little off kilter. I had grand plans for my dive back into a regular blogging schedule on Monday. But whoops, I guess Tuesday is the new Monday!

Labor Day weekend was a blur. Between the crowds, festival food, and costume changes this weekend, I didn't have a spare minute. Luckily I picked up these boots last week, and they were inspiration enough for getting dressed in a flash.

Longtime readers will know I'm all gung ho when it comes to Target designer collaborations, especially if a line I love is involved. So the Dolce Vita offerings were a no-brainer. I tried on every style my local store had to offer, and all of them fit true to (Target) sizing, and were cushioned and designed as well as your full price DV shoe. These boots in particular really called out to me--don't they feel very much like the Chloe Susan from Fall '08?

Another happy little treat of the weekend was the cool breeze. It really is beginning to feel like fall, and I have my arsenal of boots and jackets at the ready.


  1. i love forever 21 leggings. i buy them in bulk :)

    the boots look great on you!

  2. The boots are super cute! Most of all, I love the expression on your face in the 2nd photo--tough, but oh so cute!

  3. What a fantastic pair of boots, and I love them with that tunic. Very cute look.

  4. The boots look great with your outfit. I wish the boots worked for me, but I returned them, didn't care for the way they looked on me. I always look forward to the Target designer collabs! They can be pretty hit or miss, but I'm always able to find atleast 1 piece (if not many) that work. I can't wait for Tucker to hit this weekend! I'm ready to pounce on several pieces...what about you? :-)
    ~ Athena

  5. Those are hot boots, Jinah! You look great!

  6. Love it! I haven't worn my DV's yet, but I can't wait to. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Oh, I so want those boots! Are they soft?

  8. You're just so cute! I adore that asymmetrical bag!

  9. Athena--I haven't had enough time to properly scrutinize the Tucker collab yet! I might have to wait until the Target pieces get marked down though, since I know I'll be splurging at Madewell this weekend.

    Rosa--Despite the fact that the boots are PVC, they are really comfortable and the soles have a lot of padding. I wore these for an 8 hour crazy day at work on my feet and they felt great all day.

  10. Love the outfit! The boots are awesome and I'm pretty sure I need them.


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