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Monday, December 21

DIY Chrimuh

It's finished! Actually, this was a very painless project, I would have been able to complete it in a few hours had I not been so sickly these past couple of days. Oh, I guess I didn't explain what this project is.

This is a yoga bag for a very special lady this holiday season. I am crossing my fingers and hope she doesn't like online as much as I do and sees this before it is gifted to her in a few days. Now she can travel to and from class in style and not worry about carrying a purse with her.

This is Amy Butler's Chrysanthemum print from the Belle collection in Okra.

This is my little sewing corner!

It has three outside pockets so she can carry her Yoga Today, 
water bottle, keys, and cell phone!

It also fits comfortably crossbody!

I've been itching to sew something with one of Amy Butler's yummy prints for ages! The upcoming holiday was a perfect reason to snag a few yards and embark on a new project. I hounded my mans for days on what fabric choice would be appropriate for his mama. Does she like green? Does she like blue? What about floral? Geometric? What colors does she wear? I think he was totally taken aback by my interrogation. I guess he forgot that's what I did for a living for a long time, ha.

The fabric and the pattern are both Amy Butler, and I feel that all of her prints are very well suited for her projects. (You can find the pattern for the Nigella Yoga bag available for free on Amy Butler's site.) I chose a matching limey green for the lining and the print was reinforced with some fusible interfacing.

I thought this was a very simple and fun project, suitable for even beginners to sewing. All of the pattern pieces but one were rectangular, and even the lining and curves were very easy to sew and well explained in the directions. I especially love the thick strap and the three outside pockets! If I sign up for yoga classes somewhere in town in 2010, I might whip one up for myself.

During a second run of this pattern, I would probably skip the interfacing (it made sewing some steps very rough when I had 8-12 layers of fabric to get through!) and cut the main body a little longer. If you look in the pictures, my yoga mat peeks out an inch or two at the top.

And some of you are waiting on the cat print dress, ahh, I know! It is done except for the hem. It got pushed aside as I wanted to complete this project in time to make it on the plane to the recipient. I have the next few days off, so I'll see if I can finish it up.

Anyone else create handmade gifts?

If you are stumped and need a little push, I've been loving the ideas from this book this year:

Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts 
by Joelle Hoverson (owner of Purl Soho!)

All of the projects are very straightforward, and for extra convenience, are organized by the amount of time required to complete them. Everything from 1 hour to a few day long projects--the perfect timeframe to gift someone left on your list! My own mama did want some bolster pillows...


  1. Great job! totally cool.

  2. What a cute gift idea! :) I'm not nearly crafty enough to make any gifts on my own, but I did find my sister a great gift in a thrift shop! ;D

  3. Your yoga mat bag looks fantastic! I love that print. I also have that book... I was thinking of making the color wheel quilt for my friends' twins but worried that might be too ambitious, so I might make two coin quilts instead. Either way, I just love starting at the photos in the book!
    the renegade bean

  4. That looks great! I'm sure she'll love it. Now that I've done a little more homework re: Amy Butler, I can't decide if it's the patterns or her fabric that I like more. But egads does her stuff look great.

  5. aw, that's the cutest and sweetest gift! i am envious of your sewing DIY skillz :)

  6. Turned out great...wish I had a sewing machine :(


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