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Sunday, December 20

Excuse me, Tar-jay: Rodarte Redux

Yes, excuse me, but where are my accessories at?

I stayed up extra late in hopes that I could snag a belt and some tights online, but around 3 AM I caved to my laryngitis and gave up and went to bed. So my alarm was set for 7 AM and I logged on and what? They're sold out online.

Okay, so I need more meds anyway. I drive to my friendly neighborhood Target store and walk in as doors open. The collection has been out for days but I assumed that *this* one would put everything out on the calendar date, as they are usually by the book. The selections are picked over and half the sizes are gone. Foiled!

I check my nifty Target app to see what other stores might have these items available. "Limited Availability" at all stores in the surrounding area and by my house. I feel like I am on crazy pills! Even the Orla Kiely canisters weren't this mythical (and those were ridiculously hard to find for me). Does anyone know if they even exist? I don't even see any on eBay, which is where things like this usually migrate to once they're cleaned out.

Image Hosted by
Snow leopard print belt. MYTH?

Image Hosted by
Lace tights, whurr r u??

I hope I am simply missing something in my haze of illness. They were not buried in the hosiery or belt/handbag departments so I'm starting to feel very confused. But I suppose on the bright side I didn't go in vain to see a reseller hoarding all of the accessories.

And on the bright side, I spotted two twelve (?) year olds and mom staking out the Rodarte racks this morning. One girl said, "This is the one just like Tavi wore!" while they filled up a shopping cart. I'm amazed how far reaching fashion is these days. So while yes, I whined so much about something that is such a first world problem in this post, I absolutely love the fact that the existence of these collaborations and diffusions is making the fashunz accessible, even here in Georgia.

I purchased a few more things online thanks to Anjali's post on goldenmeans and her inclusion of a 10% off coupon. Target mysteriously promised these things to be on my doorstep by Christmas Eve. Assuming I'll be in full health by then, I'll post some more reviews!


  1. feel better jinah!!! sorry you're under the weather:( loving that leopard print belt. are you familiar with this young lady?


  2. Aww, oh no, I'm so sorry the accessories weren't out! Did you ask any employees if they were still in the back or something?

    I am smiling hard though at your story about the pre-teens knowing about Tavi though! So cool!

  3. I would have asked somebody, but I lost the capacity to use my voice last night. Sadz. So I guess being sick is a third world problem and I am going to reserve my right to feel COMPLAINY.

  4. I too stayed up late and set my alarm early just so I could snatch up a bow belt and tights - no go. I just wonder how much they stock for online purchases? I only ordered the black lace cardi as the few other items I was wanting were already sold out. Boo. Wonder how soon they'll pop up on ebay for triple the price?

    Feel better soon!


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