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Tuesday, December 15

Hurr Did

Photo 18
Pale white and ice cold.

Photo 17
Awesome Photobooth photos, sry.

I finally got my hair cut after being indecisive and lazy about it for almost a year. I walked in carrying a celeb hairstyle magazine and told my stylist, "I want my hair to be like Serena on Gossip Girl lol." Gladly, she didn't roll her eyes. I even backtracked and told her I understood that she has a different hair texture and probably has a crew of coiffeurs on hand to blow, spray, and fluff her hair into place like that.

Anyway, the final result is more swingy layers and less dead ends. My sisters both scoffed and said it looks the same as before, besides the curls. That is the curse of keeping up a long hairstyle, I guess. I'm plenty satisfied with the cut. And I really like that she curled the ends! It makes me miss my curly hair, but the upkeep was pretty frustrating

I feel like the real test is when I am left to my own devices at home and have to wash and style it myself. I almost opted to get really short straight across Audrey bangs. Photoshop tells me that I would look like a boy, and I'm glad I didn't go so drastic!


  1. It looks adorable! :D And I always bring celebrity photos with me to the salon, too! The past few times, I've brought in Zooey Deschanel pictures. :)

  2. I can totally see a difference and I love it!

    Did you make it over to the Edgewood Target today?

  3. I think it looks great! Love the curls, and your hair has a lot of shape, shine and bounce to it now! Your dress is also very pretty :)

  4. I love your hair! The curls at the end are really pretty!

  5. pretty pretty pretty!

    by the way, it makes me feel a lot better that someone else has put their camera in a cupboard


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