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Friday, December 11

Winter = Craft Nights

School is finally wrapped up, and I'm finally caught up on my sleep. What's next? Apparently the hobby I chose to pick back up during this break is sewing.

I was at Wal-mart on a mission this weekend to track down some elusive Cars toys for the boyfriend's nephew. We did not find a Ramone car, so I wandered off. I find myself in the crafts section looking for patterns hoping for some inspiration for some mommy presents (both mine and his).

I did. And rediscovered the Sew You Built By Wendy patterns by Simplicity.

Two Christmases ago, one of my besties and I gifted each other the exact same present: Sew You by Wendy Mullin (of Built by Wendy). I don't know what she did with her copy, but mine has been sitting in a box between moves, untouched. The patterns were on sale at Wallyworld, so I thought why not brush up on my sewing by making something simple?

Simplicity 3835

Photo 8
And yes, I bought this fabric to make a dress out of.

I guess it isn't super obvious, but I'm a cat lady by nature. This thing is going to look bananas when I am done with it. Most reactions I have been getting to this plan go something along the lines of, "What?!"

Almost done. The last part- adding in the exposed back zip. Yay!
Anyway, it is turning out to be a pretty short project. I decided to line the inside with polyester so I can wear it three seasons instead of two. I ordered some Amy Butler and Kaffe Fassett prints from and they should be here tomorrow! I'm glad I have this time off to make some homemade gifts for some very special people.

 The book in question. Buy it here.


  1. love her stuff! can't wait to see the finished product!!

  2. I LOVE THE CAT FABRIC WITH A PASSION! This is going to be the most amazing dress. I once made a skirt with novelty cotton that had various Hershey's "fun-size" chocolates all over it. I think I still might have it! The cats totally trump chocolates, though.
    the renegade bean

  3. Oh my goodness, I LOVE that cat fabric! :D I can't wait to see how your dress looks when it's done! I bet it'll be adorable!

  4. That project sounds awesome and that fabric is hilarious :) One of my new year's resolutions next year I think is to learn how to sew...I seriously don't know how to sew AT ALL which is sad. Anyway, good luck with your design!!

  5. lol that's too cute! wish i was talented in the sewing area haha! ur dress is looking great!

  6. Please oh please post an outfit with this? I'm so curious to see the finished product!

  7. Ahhh! That is some absolutely-adorable, fabulously-fantastic fabric! I love the colors and I love how detailed the pattern is! Please post a pic of your finished dress!

  8. I'm not that fond of cats, but that fabric is cute! And a dress will be adorable. Did you ever post finished photos?

  9. I am making a dress out of this pattern, too! with exposed back zip, woo. :)


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