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Monday, December 14

Have I mentioned how much I love RM?


So freaking cute!


The sale on Saturday was too much fun! My sweet lady friend Fallon met me at the hotel, where we proceeded to enable each other to buy things. I had a great time sharing stories and talking shop about bags in general with the other ladies in attendance! Sarah from Rebecca Minkoff was incredibly sweet and so adorable! I loved her hair, her outfit, her jewels, and her BAG! She was carrying this amazing sample that may or may not make it to production in the next few months.

The selection was awesome and I snagged two things: a studded devote and another little crossbody  morning-after clutch. I don't know how much they ended up advertising the sale, as the atmosphere was really relaxed, and my fears of being trampled or having to fight for a bag were unfounded. Seriously though, if I have to walk around town wearing a sandwich board in the Spring in order for Rebecca to organize another sale down here, I would totally do it.

To date, this is my favorite Rebecca Minkoff score, as well as my favorite bag I've ever purchased. Look at the fun dark gunmetal studs on this baby. The smooshy pebbly black leather. The belts that give it that retro 70's feel. Don't try to tell me you don't want one too!

RM Black w/gunmetal studded devote. Get it here: Aster Alice

More photos from the sale can be found here on tPF.


  1. SO jealous! I have a feeling that i'm getting the Mini Mini for Christmas but we shall see. Great score.

  2. The tiny white bag is amazing! I want one! :D

  3. Oh my gosh, the studded devote!! I am envious. And you look so cute! I missed the SF sample sale, but I'm thinking I should have gone now if the prices really were reasonable...

  4. i really love your outfit! the combination of that shirt and skirt is adorable!

    i have the black devote with gold studs and i LOVE it as well! which reminds me i need to carry it more, it doesn't get enough love from me

  5. That white bag is TOO adorable!!

  6. love your erin fetherston coat? looks great.

  7. love your erin fetherston coat? looks great.


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