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Saturday, August 2

Another fine day

This is what I wore to go to the movies, a pool party, a diner, and housewarming party. I like having huge days, it makes me feel important and busy, ha! The sneakers were an afterthought, but a wise choice. Jeans, however, were not. It was way too hot, even inside people's homes.

The clutch I wish I had remembered instead to wear to see Batman. This was one of my last purchases before my shopping sabbatical. It is smooshy and yummy and leathah. It is also one of the most impractical handbags I own. Oh who am I kidding? All my handbags are impractical...





And I think I'll throw in a brief movie review - I went to see Ne le dis à personne (Tell No One) and thought it was amazing. It's a French film from 2006 and can be labeled as a romance/thriller. I can't really tell you more than that without spoiling any part of it. It is full of twists and didn't leave me wanting at the end, as French film usually does. I believe it was just released in the US recently, and is probably available for purchase through Amazon France or Canada. I would see it again. Twice. Currently showing at Landmark Midtown Arts cinema. I caught it with a good number of other commuters avoiding heinous Friday afternoon traffic. (This was my ritual in college. It is worth taking up again.)

Tank, AA; vest, Rogan for Target; jeans, Earnest Sewn; shoes, Bakers; necklace, Forever 21; butterfly clutch, Gustto.

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