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Saturday, August 30

I guess I watch too much TV

This post is primarily to brag about the highlight of my day yesterday. I was casually strolling to Pottery Barn at the "dance club" mall to look at more housewares, when I walked by Aubrey Graham. I did a double take, stared, and promptly started telling all of my friends who know what Degrassi is. (Aubrey plays Jimmy Brooks on the Canadian teen show, Degrassi. It is available in America to view on The N.)

I thought, that's not him, he's not in a wheelchair (dumb). Then I thought, hmm he's carrying a bag from the cell phone place, perhaps he is filming here and needs an American number. I saw him again in the food court a few minutes later, where hordes of teenage girls were screaming, "AUBREY! AUBREEEEYYYY!" It was a good day for going to the mall.

A quick Google search later on revealed that he is/has been working on his rapping talents and is going by Drake. Ahh, it makes sense. He's in the right city at the right mall for that.

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I actually managed to make outfit photos this morning, but I carelessly misplaced my camera somewhere along today's journey. As soon as I recover it (I hope it gets recovered!) I will post photos.


  1. Dance club mall!!! Man, I hear about Atlanta celebrity sitings all the time but I haven't had one yet.

  2. Go to dance club mall on the regular. Over the past four years, I have seen like five celebrities. I sold things to Michael Knight once too!


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