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Wednesday, August 27


After receiving the Fall catalog a few weeks ago in the mail, I am so excited for J. Crew's colored blazers and embellished tops to hit stores. I decided to shop around online and make a ridiculous huge wishlist (as usual these days). I was stunned by the splash page - about once a season or so they'll have a charming, well-edited video with moderately (not inhumanly) attractive people in it. This Fall it happens to be set in Prague. As if I didn't want all the clothes already, the video of carefree, romantic people dressed in a reworked color palette really sold me. If you kept up with my travels, Prague was by far my favorite city. This video made me want to be that girl walking in the cobblestone streets looking all mysterious with castles in the background (again, still).

I couldn't find the video, but it's going to be up on their site for awhile. In the meantime, these two videos fit the aesthetic but are not nearly as wonderful.



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