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Monday, August 25

Being reasonable...

These are mostly knickknacks, I guess. But I feel like little things to dress a home work the same way as accessories do for an outfit. Perhaps I am just silly and financially careless, as these items total would probably equate to one glorious couch or a cloud 9 bed with trimmings.

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Does anyone else live for color? I always want to paint huge walls where I live. Two years ago I had a single sea blue wall with clouds and a rainbow. Last year I helped paint a giant dolphin and otter mural in a huge apartment.

Blik decals give you the option of changing the look of a sterile beige wall for about the cost of two gallons of paint. They come in whimsical, sophisticated, eclectic, and even silly patterns. I haven't decided what will go with everything I redecorate with. The iron vines and chandelier might be a little too much.

Available at whatisblik.

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I feel the same way about bathrooms too. So rarely do you get to paint or wallpaper a bathroom. You've got to infuse color somehow - you may have already noted my shower curtain dilemma.

Sculpted bath linens, Anthropologie, $4 (washcloth) - $24 (bath towel).

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The last time I walked into West Elm, these were the only things I touched. I squealed, "Ooh I'm going to get these!" and immediately changed my mind, feeling ridiculous. I mean, I don't have desks or tables that would be enhanced by the addition of a ceramic animal.

Oh well, I still might go back and get the rabbit. More lapins I say.

Narrative Animals, West Elm, $19 each.

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I spotted this in the catalog upon leaving the store (post ceramic animal rush). So unnecessary yet completely justifiable. It's almost all the cities I want to be a part of. This however, requires purchasing pillow inserts. This makes me feel like I am pushing grown-up into old.

Country code pillow cover, West Elm, $34.

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I don't know why, but I'm into stuff that looks like... other stuff. These kitchen gadgets fall into that category. I can have a kitchen zoo for less than the price of a new toaster oven! animalhouse by Boston Warehouse makes these, and from what I can tell, they are functional in addition to being super cute. I will probably seriously collect these; who doesn't want a mouse cheese grater, or a whale ice cream scoop, or a toucan can opener, or a shark bottle opener?

I found some at my local Target. They also sell online through their website: Boston Warehouse. Pieces range in price from $4.99 to $19.99.

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  1. Wall decals are a great way to add color and sparkle to any room. Many sites online such as Wall Stars allows you to submit a photo to be digitized into a wall graphic. Its fast its simple and easy.


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