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Sunday, August 3

Weekend Update

1. I rediscovered a pocket of extremely fashionable people in my city. I always knew they were there, I might be way too shy. I forgot about ladies in hats and vintage dresses and dressing to the nines for any social call. If this were a note in elementary school, it would say to them, "I appreciate you because you are on point and are interesting to talk to and are passionate about interesting things."

2. This weekend was the Tax Free holiday! It slipped my mind and I didn't blog about it. I went shopping, a lot, but managed to come out empty-handed (a lot). I don't know if this is depressing or impressive. This means I have self-control! This means I might have re-evaluated my value system - what is there to replace shoes and handbags? I will tell you when I find out. I'm sure it will be soon enough.

3. Richard Chai for Target hit stores this morning (err, this week) and I had a few different opportunities to check it out. I felt that, more so than other collections, the pieces looked exactly as I expected from preview photos. The fabrications were good and the color choices were interesting. The dresses and blouses were well constructed and everything looked as good on as on the hanger. I passed on everything primarily due to a lot of 100% polyester fabrications. Well, that, and nothing was really "me" enough. The only thing I might go back for is this dress. It's just I cannot think of a single reasonable instance where I could wear it.

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4. Apparently Bravo is showing "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" soon. This series will be in the same vein as the Orange County and New York City shows. The AJC has a pretty informative article here. They just aired a sneak peek episode this weekend, which I missed!

I was kind of disappointed after reading the article - none of them are Buckhead moms! I guess rich, entertaining people live all over the metro area, but I just thought that Buckhead families really fit the bill for this show. Maybe I am too easily misled by the gigantic mansion houses, ladies that lunch, and prevalence of nanny services in the area.

5. The weather has been completely freaky for the past year or so. Last night's thunderstorms knocked out power in what seemed like half the city! I am constantly disappointed that meteorology as a science does not seem to provide us with much information in a timely fashion. I witnessed several near-accidents while driving around in the dark because so many stoplights were out (not emergency-generator-backup blinking, OUT). I hope everyone was safe last night and didn't get caught in the torrential downpour or hail.

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