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Wednesday, August 27


White Lightning caught my eye today and I can't help but be delighted. The blog thrives on wit and sass and healthy doses of pop culture. It reads like your best friend is gossiping to you about The Hills and Chloe boots. I love my best friend, so this is gold.

So I think I left you unaware of my obsession with The Hills. I've been tracking Heidi's mutant makeover and Lauren's maturity since Laguna Beach. This Monday's episode delivered, if for nothing else, that one shot at Stephanie's birthday where the lighting was horrific on Lo's face. It wasn't intentional, but it was so hilarious.

And because I guess I am team Audrina in this battle and am slightly insensitive, I cracked up when I read on White Lightning the post condemning Lo as an asshole. How could I have missed so much sass?

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