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Wednesday, August 6

Indian Summer

This is what I wore today for a mini-reunion with old friends. It is ridiculously hot out lately. I don't know why I thought to wear a long sleeved shirt; I am so weird.

Here is the half-tucked shirt and a very Camille-ish outfit in general. I think I overwork things sometimes and show up to social gatherings way overdressed. Oh well, it's my thing, I guess. This is an example of dressing down.



Note the BLAZING SUN in this shot. I started burning in less than half an hour.

Oxford shirt, Polo Ralph Lauren; shorts, cutoff Earnest Sewn jeans; sandals, Target; bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

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  1. This is quite possibly one of my own favorite outfits --an oxford shirt and cutoffs -- so simple, yet chic!


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