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Saturday, August 23

LC, where are you?

And no, I don't mean Lauren Conrad.

I had a cherry Coke with dinner and the caffeine is still coursing through me, and I was feeling nostalgic. I decided to pore over Fops and Dandies archives leading up to Lauren's departure to Chicago, only to find that access is restricted! Ahhh, what to do?! Is the blog-o-sphere slowly shrinking? I tried not to panic. But I did end up mourning a bit. I loved her voice! So unlike other fashion related blogs, her entries were always well written, witty, and incredibly readable. I wish her well in the real world.

For now I will enjoy the fact that Google Reader magically archives things I read, and I still have access to a lot of entries. Thank goodness, she just made an amazing post on thrifting and flea markets in NYC, and God knows I make it my business to take trips there as frequently as possible. I'm shooting to align my next visit with the Topshop opening!

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