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Monday, September 1

Perils of working at the mall, part 1

1. Gaining weight from the mall fare. I went up two sizes and ten pounds from eating mall food almost every day last year. I lost it immediately after leaving that job. Which is great, but not until after I had ripped three pairs of pants. And eating normal food again for all meals made me averse to most food court fare - most of it is really way too salty or fatty, even the "healthy" sandwich places.

2. Being subjected to heinous rush hour traffic. All the malls I know of are very close to major highways and/or lots of businesses and office buildings. Everyone gets out between 4 and 7 and it is mindblowing the gridlock. However, this is just a fact of life if you live in certain parts of Atlanta.

3. The centre commercial is the perfect (or worst, however you see it) place to fuel your shopping addiction. Sometimes my paychecks wouldn't make it out of the store, much less the mall. I've gotten better, but I've seen coworkers at both my workplaces that purchased things every single day. Some people justify their purchases as retail therapy from the anxiety work causes them.

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