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Sunday, September 7

Home Decorating, even more

On my 903284th installment of home decorating and design obsession, I've decided to make curtains. Yes, I'm really actually going to do it this time, unlike the ribbon belt project from a couple months ago.

I even went and picked out some fabric swatches. Observe:


Now there's just the matter of measuring and cutting and sewing straight lines. Seems easy enough... So far the best resources I've come up with are Alternative Windows, Denver Fabrics, and Mormon Chic. I think I'm going very simple with a tunnel loop construction, painted wooden dowels for the rods, and decorative hooks (maybe even stick-on hooks) to hold the rod. Anthro has this setup rigged in the fitting room and it looks so easy. Even easier would be a tension rod, like the kind you buy for shower curtains.

So far, I can't even decide on fabric. I don't really love any of the ones I picked out yesterday. Amy Butler's patterns look wonderful, but buying fabric online seems so strange to me. Maybe I'll just have to take the plunge - a lot of designer prints are cheaper and shipping is almost negligible. That leaves only one decision now: Amy Butler or Marimekko?

I will document this as it comes along.

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