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Thursday, September 4

Things to love: Leifsdottir

In general, Anthropologie aims towards eliciting a "ooh I want everything" reaction from most women. But their new sister brand Leifsdottir that launched this year? I literally want everything that we carry from the line.


1. Look at the bracelet-length sleeves! Look at the tie at the neck! Look at the belted waist! Look at the red stitching! Look at the oversized buttons! Look at the rickrack ruffle along the seams! Somebody buy me this, please.

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2. This. Dress! Flutter sleeves, hand painted look, perfectly draped silk.

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3. It has birds on it. It has migrating birds on it. It has migrating birds on it, front pleats, and green lace trim! In a fitted silhouette with an exposed zipper in the back. Love.
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4. Asymmetrical neckline with ribbon, pleats, lace, and a bowtie. Seafoam green (!) with orange accents (!!). The back has a cute little ribbon tie at the neck. You need this. I need this. Let's get this.
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Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's now carry the line at the same price points. If you have a chance to look at some of these things in person, seriously please do. All of the colors and fabrics are so luxe and the details are impeccable. I feel like this new line perfectly captures the Anthro aesthetic. If you are going to buy anything full price, babies, these pieces are worth every penny.

1. Water Posy Trench, $298, Available at Anthropologie, Nordstrom.
2. Printing Press Sheath, $268, Available at Anthropologie.
3. Sunset Migration Skirt, $168, Available at Anthropologie, Nordstrom.
4. Buckminster's Reverie Tieback, $168, Available at Anthropologie, Bloomingdale's.

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