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Friday, September 19

Oh Topshop

I think the British are toying with me. Not only did they push back the NYC store opening date once, to November, now it's being pushed even further back into March. As in 2009. Yikes. Good thing I didn't go ahead and buy my plane tickets for that weekend in October. I think I must now use my airline points to go to Paris instead. The cold will be bracing, but worth it. I have minimal financial concerns and might be able to save enough by the end of the year to march into the flagship Chanel store and purchase something lovely. Or maybe just a Goyard. (Haha, just.) Here's hoping.

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(originally snapped by the Sart, I believe)

And a fun little Paris anecdote - My last week in Paris last year, I was wandering mostly by myself, as I was unable to call anyone and didn't really have regular internet access (not that there were a bunch of people to call). I had scheduled a meetup with my of my classmates one night to have dinner and maybe see a movie. We met at the UGC on the Champs-Elysees, and he strolls up with a small Chanel bag (they are different from the ones in America). He explained that the only thing his mother wanted from his Europe travels was a pair of Chanel sunglasses purchased at the Rue Cambon store. I thought that was incredibly sweet, and really, not so difficult a gift (some people brought home complete shot glass sets from 12 countries or crystal sculptures that may or may not break in your backpack). I felt silly as I realized the most appreciated gift I was bringing back was an assortment of Kinder chocolates that I had to stash in a padded box to survive four train rides and three flights.

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