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Monday, September 15


I think I may just work too much. Or maybe keep up too closely with fashion the Manhattan elite might buy. But I spotted two dresses we carry this season at Anthropologie on this night's episode of Gossip Girl (The Dark Night).

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On Penelope (right): dress by Yoana Baraschi. This is a gorgeous sleeveless sheath dress. The flower on the waist is removable. It has a sister dress by the same designer in the same cut in grey with flowers around the neckline that flies off the racks.

Bleecker sheath, $168 at Anthropologie.

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The second is by Moulinette Soeurs. On Rufus' date. I love every dress we carry under this brand. They are all gorgeous silk and chiffon creations in lovely colors and prints. These are dresses that any women could covet. This is perfect for that transition from Summer to Fall.

Gossamer garden dress, $168 at Anthropologie.

On one last TV note, is it just me or was LC wearing the same dress as Jenny? Lauren in the scene talking to Stephanie in the classroom, Jenny in the last half of the episode where the power went out.

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