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Monday, September 1

September Catalog and upholstery sale

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The September catalog is officially out! I love all of the Fall/Winter things Anthro usually carries. Nowhere else can you find as large a collection of whimsical knits and patterned heavy skirts. But when I saw this, I wasn't really as interested in the clothes as I was in the location.

It looks like the first half of the catalog was shot at the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain! I went once a few years ago on a whim with my savings from my first summer job. It was a breathtaking city that was modern with fantastic architecture, but didn't feel touched by globalization or really, tourism. Okay, maybe that is a lie, because I had lunch at a Burger King there out of homesickness. But what a perfect place for a catalog shoot! The outside of the building is quite romantic despite the fact that it is covered in metal. I happened upon two different couples having wedding photos taken around the building.

On another Anthropologie related note, we are running our Fall upholstery sale starting today through the end of the month. This means all sofas, ottomans, chaises, and chairs are 25% off! If you are at the price point to acquire something, this can be a great deal! Orders can be placed online and in stores. At my store we have a couple different sofas and I spend lots of time stroking them longingly. Someone come buy one from me so I can live vicariously!

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