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Wednesday, September 17

Maybe it is fall?

The weather feels very Parisian lately - gloomy, chilly, grey, and constantly threatening rain. It is just likely spillover from hurricane season, but it's a good enough excuse for me to pull out my warm sweaters, socks, and jackets. Thank goodness I bought that scarf, I actually need it when standing on the train platform. Brr.



I apologize for the grainy, poorly edited and poorly lit photos lately. Like I said, the weather's been crummy and it's affecting the quality of available light.

I wore this to work today with a cardigan to ward off the cold. I haven't gotten to wear thigh high socks in forever! I love these. They're so snuggly. Here is this dress again. I love the elephant tribal print.

Dress, Anthropologie; thigh high oatmeal socks, American Apparel; pirate boots, Chadwick's.

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