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Friday, September 12

First World Problems

My feet are so swollen from a 35 hour workweek on my feet that none of my shoes fit. I forgot about this being a possibility. I probably won't care unless my ass and legs swell in a similar manner. This happened last year and I destroyed one pair of work pants and all my Cheap Mondays by testing the integrity of the fabric.

I think I am going to start some sort of social networking club or something in Atlanta. I understand that Facebook and Myspace exist and serve this exact purpose. I'm planning on doing it with a twist, more like for making friends. I started a (currently blank) blog for it and will continue to post updates as they come along. I hope I can get other people on board considering I have only two days off a week and it's not guaranteed I'll have time to spend working on it on weekends.

I'm doing a sort of a test run meeting tonight! No outfit because I'm wearing hiking sandals as none of my shoes currently fit (Regina George: Sweatpants are all that fit me right now.), oh my life is so ridiculous.

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