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Sunday, September 7


I've been making pithy excuses, but I finally tracked down my camera last week, and then this week unearthed the cord for it. Here's a few outfits from the past week, mostly to wear to work.



This is what I wore to work my first week. I wanted to squeeze out that last bit of summer clothing before it felt like sweater weather. I'm freakishly cold natured and everywhere indoors already feels like sweater weather. Nighttime also feels like this. I'm about to bust out my leather jacket even though it's almost 90 during the day.

This might also be the last time I straighten my hair for a while. What a horrible pain.

Dress, Jovovich-Hawk for Target; moccasins, Minnetonka.


I had almost forgotten about this dress (funny how that is about most of my closet...). I wore this to work after painting this bathroom. I guess this is where I had left my camera! The walls are shiny and after seeing the photo, I'm not sure if it was a great choice. Maybe it's just in contrast to the dress color?

Dress, Viola for Anthropologie.



I know someone who lives in a skyscraper. This was haphazardly taken from the gigantic balcony on the 20th floor. I wore this to work before visiting. I think I will visit often to have mimosa brunches and pool parties until it turns into (fake) fall.

Dress, H&M; shoes, Zara.

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