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Friday, September 12

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Funny how after I made that little post I saw this trailer.

It looks pretty spot on to Becky's character. At first I was thrown by the casting of Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers, Definitely, Maybe), but after watching the trailer again, I think she's perfect. The character is insecure and scatterbrained but hilarious in a slapstick way. Oh man, that clip where she's breaking into that chunk of ice to retrieve her Visa card reminds me of so many of my own impulse shopping days!

It looks like it is set in New York and the characters are American. I want to see a London based British comedy! We all loved Bridget Jones! Colin Firth could have played Luke Brandon, duh.
It also looks like the movie will condense about three books into a 90-120 minute time slot. I don't know about this. I think there could be room for sequels as with the books. I could be mistaken, but it looked like there was a wedding scene. It seems too soon!

I think I will take up rereading this soon. There are yet a few more sunny days to laze by the pool.

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