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Sunday, September 21

Art prints pls

I like the idea of having obnoxious huge clusters of framed art prints on large walls. My Audrey Hepburn and Marie Antoinette posters got lost/ruined in my last move, so I think I have to find some new things. I'm not opposed to hanging things up to the ceiling or low enough for my cat to bat off. Unfortunately I think I'm going a little too trendy - currently on my list:

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For Like Ever poster by Village. Featured in many many home design magazines and blogs. Found in Jessie Randall's (of Loeffler Randall) apartment. I don't read home decor glossies (okay, can't afford to buy glossies currently at all), and want this anyway. I got my first comment from a coworker about how I talk this week (like I was raised in California), and well, it fits.

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Same story with this print. The Keep Calm and Carry On WWII era poster. Now available in a ton of places, including bookstores (cheap) to Etsy (less cheap) in a rainbow array of colors. I even saw one at the Shabby Chic fancy furniture/home goods store at the mall (Oh my, for $295). I'm thinking teal or seafoam blue.

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I love maps. I love how they look, I love looking at them, I love cartography, the whole bit. Ironically, my sense of geography is poor. So poor I didn't realize that certain parts of Africa still existed present day.

There is a shop in Decatur I pass by occasionally that has vintage classroom maps hanging in the window. One of those would be ideal, especially if it was for a part of the world that no longer exists the way the map shows it. Or maybe I can just find a vintage print of France. Whatever. A quick look through Vintage Maps brings up a lot incredibly affordable options.

I need to make it over to the art store and see if there are any neat cards worth framing. Or go through my old birthday cards and things. I'm excited! I'm going to force some harmony of taste with Fifi Lapin and my Kozyndan prints and see what I come up with.

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