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Thursday, August 20

Back to School


Shirt, Polo Ralph Lauren; shorts, Forever 21; kicks, Converse;
headband, Anthropologie; bag, Marc Jacobs accessories.

My first day of classes this semester, I pulled out an A.P.C. blouse and skinny jeans, thinking, oh this will be conservative enough for business school. It was not. Even though I had pulled what was the most Puritan selection of things from my wardrobe, I felt like I stuck out like the Elle Woods of business school.

During introductions, I was like, I'm Jinah and I like fashion! And everyone gawked.

The second day of school I knew better. I pulled out my most Southern sorority girl outfit I could muster. No one even batted an eye. Sad but true - I might have to continue down this path of dress in class if I want to be taken seriously.


  1. B-school people are of a different breed. I abhor their fashion.

  2. Noooo, don't give in to peer pressure!

    Trust me, I work for a business and politics paper, and I prance around in dresses and high heels. Took them a while but they're used to it now! :D


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