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Friday, August 28

The J. Crew Maya Cardigan


Merino Maya Cardigan, J. Crew; skirt, American Apparel;
flats, Jeffrey Campbell; necklace, Erica Weiner.

When the fall catalog arrived from J. Crew, I oohed and ahhed over this page.

The muted colors and the classic J. Crew silhouette translated into feminine colors and draping were perfect. And the little pink socks are a great little touch.

This was sort of the inspiration for this outfit in a different color scheme. I love the cardi so much I've been wearing it almost every day despite the 90+ degree temperatures. It's perf for going indoors where it is like an icebox. Such as all of my classroom buildings.

And maybe my higher-ups are right about hemlines... When walking to class in this skirt the other day, I found the wind to be too playful and probably exposed myself to half of downtown.


  1. oooooh i've been wanting that cardi too! tots jeal.

  2. Is she wearing PENNY LOAFERS??? God, I need. The furniture in the shoot is too cute.


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