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Friday, August 14

Paper Heart

A little while ago I was extended an invitation to see a special screening of Paper Heart (featuring real couple Michael Cera and Charlyne Yi). I finally got to go the other night and was pleasantly surprised.

I often get frustrated with the whimsical genre into which Paper Heart can probably be categorized. Something is usually off or missing. When I first saw the previews a few months back, I wasn't sure if I should wince or smile.

If you've missed the hype, Paper Heart is a documentary/movie about love with a twist - our interviewer/protagonist, Charlyne, is skeptical about love. What it is, how people fall into it, if she is susceptible to it, and whether it even exists. The cameras follow her as she asks real people (real, as in not actors) about love and as she embarks on a new relationship with Michael Cera (in the movie, scripted).

The documentary interviews, Michel Gondry-esque diorama re-enactments, and the scenes between Charlyne and Michael are edited together beautifully. And despite how it sounds, it's not too confusing. The overall effect is very sweet without being saccharine. I smiled through the whole thing. The most incredible bits were things that the interviewees say and the natural comedic timing Charlyne and Michael have amplified by the film edits.

And despite how both Michael and Charlyne's characters were not overtly interesting or outspoken, the movie was very tight and casually swept me along in the story. That really sealed it for me. Usually whether I like a movie and whether I thought the movie was actually good are not the same response. In this case, on both accounts, I say yes.

*This movie doesn't have Paul Rudd in it, but I think it's worth seeing all the same.

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